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Inez Blation was introduced to The Healing Place because of her heart for God's people. After a few hours of conversation and declarations followed by confirmations that only the Lord could send, Inez knew it was time to walk out her purpose that she gave God her yes to back in 2012. The Healing Place is blessed to have such an awesome woman of Prayer and Faith leading their 24 hour prayer and intercessor ministry. The purpose for Inez's life doesn't stop there, God has called her to work with the homeless and women in transition. Her current occupation, working at a women's shelter, has her in place to be a light to those in transition. To offer hope for tomorrow. Inez's motto of her life is simply, "I'm just a soldier in the army of the Lord's and my desire is to fulfill the will of my Father for my life, to bring glory to His name and see as many souls saved as God allows me to see".