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Min. Martez Cobb had such a burden of feeling the need to fit in and be accepted by others as a child. Eventually the weight of trying to make everybody like him drove Cobb into a deep dark depression. In his teenage years he begin to have inspirations of becoming a rap star - the gangsta rapper image slowly transformed him into someone he didn't know. Cobb's idea of making it big in the rap industry consisted of hard cursing, heavy drinking, blunt smoking, tatted up, mean mugging, and having sex with as many females as he possible. By the age of 22, he ended up having a mental breakdown and at that darkest point in his life is when Jesus came and offered His hand of Grace to him. Martez said he is forever grateful unto God for allowing him to get to the point of almost losing his mind and getting so low that he had no choice but to look up. Looking back he see now that was God's way of opening his heart to receive Jesus. Now he is a committed follower of Jesus and no longer needs to be accepted by others to know he's complete. He now goes by the name Wun80 (pronounced 1-80), which stands for "New Direction" - which his life now is committed to. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus, sharing his testimony wherever the Lord allows him to, and being a Godly example and leader for his family is his life. He is married to Mrs. Kirby Cobb and they have three children JJ(16), Zevon(11), and Trinity(18). They have been active members of New Jerusalem Church Jackson, MS for 10 years under the leadership of Pastor Dewayne K. Pickett, Sr., but now are faithful servants of The Healing Place under the leadership of Pastor Putalamus White. Martez serves in many capacities at THP and in the community including several children homes, correctional facilities, and youth organizations throughout the Mississippi area. Min. Cobb aka Wun80 often uses rap and the hip hop culture as an avenue to reach this generation with the GOSPEL, coupled with his REAL LIFE evangelistic delivery of the Word. Martez is super passionate about using his time, talent, and treasures for the building up of God's Kingdom and inspiring others that JESUS can turn anybody life around 180 degrees!