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Putalamus White, the visionary and senior pastor of The Healing Place, is a familiar name and quiet voice known well in the Kingdom of God. Putalamus is known to be a soft spoken, but powerful teacher witnessing lives being empowered by her cutting edge approach to the Word of God. Her approach is simply to take God out of the box that we have so graciously put Him in and allow His power to flow and operate through her and all that are around her. Putalamus believes that God is the Father of all creativeness and deserves the opportunity to showcase His many styles of ministry. Putalamus is a strong advocate of the broken and lost, especially those the world has given up on. She believes in 'doing ministry' in a form that is considered "radical" to most. As God imparts to this vessel, she's not afraid to use whatever method she's directed to use and whenever God directs. Putalamus is a very proud mother of two young ladies, Destini and Faith, grandmother of one very busy young man, Jordan De'Von and a business owner. Her favorite phrase is "But God"!